The Jenle museum exhibit the life of the three Aakjær authors, but most about Jeppe, "The lyrical rebel".

Jeppe Aakjær’s ongoing authorship, which continues to remind us and pay tribute to solidarity. The literature calls on all democratic-minded; to fight against injustice and indifference of the world community - through non-violent agitation, speech and writing.

"Social justice, nature protection and the fight for democracy" is Aakjær’s keywords.


Jeppe Aakjær (1866 - 1930)

Today, Jeppe Aakjær is one of Denmark's most famous authors. He was born into a poor peasant family and would have been peasant if he in his adolescence hadn’t heard and read about the almost dictatorial conditions in Denmark. The fight against these conditions had to be done through education and science. He was a great admirer of Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche, who he, in his literature, inserted in a nascent Nordic welfare society and community with political, social, economic, sexual and religious freedom.


Nanna Aakjær (1874 - 1962)

Nanna was the second wife of Jeppe Aakjær. She was politically very active and supported her husband in the fight for democracy. The struggle for women's suffrage was an area where she made a great effort. The Danish women gained the right to vote in 1915. Nanna is best known for her work with crafts - and here carver work that can be seen throughout the artist's home Jenle, but also the organization of the major Jenle parties with several thousand guests.



Esben Aakjær (1911 - 1958)

Esben is the son of Nanna and Jeppe Aakjær and stood in the shadow of his famous father. He had learned at home to be antimilitarist, but at the same time to be an active citizen. As a young man, he went out into the world in the 1930s and saw Nazi Germany. When Germany occupied Denmark and Norway in 1940 he enlisted in the Norwegian unit of RAF. He went to war as a conscientious objector, but returned home in 1945 as a highly-decorated war hero. Mentally he was severely injured and died in 1958.



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Aakjærselskabet er et af Europas største litteraturselskaber, og har ca. 2500 medlemmer.